How to design an office space?
Creating a Happy workspace

When coming to design a workspace, I always strive to create a place of harmony. I call it – creating a “happy workspace.”
Why do we want to create a happy workspace?
Because people enjoy being in a well designed, well-planned, healthy environment.
Employees will like to come to work, they will want to contribute more, and they will want to stay longer.
You and your employees will be more at ease, healthier, and happier. And when that happens, your business will surely prosper.

In this article, I would like to share with you some tips from my experience in designing an office space. A place that will be beneficial for you and your business.

1 – Atmosphere

As in any interior, I plan and design, I ask myself and my clients this following important question. What is the atmosphere we want to create and what do we want the people using this space to feel?

When it comes to office design, in the same way. you should ask yourself – what do you want the feeling and atmosphere to be?
Do you want the feeling of the place to be young and dynamic or respectable and established? Or something else?

Etsy offices
Etsy offices

2 – Who will be using the different areas of the office space?

In most cases, more than one group of people will be attending the offices.

The primary group you want to consider while planning is your employees. because they will be there most of the time. So you want to take into account their needs and desires.

But other people might use or visit the office space, such as clients of the company. What do you want them to feel when they enter and when they are your guests?

Will they visit all the office areas? or are there designated places that they can visit and others that not?

Do you want to create a different atmosphere in different areas according to who will be using them?

A private niche Etsy Offices
A private niche Etsy Offices

3 – Natural light an artificial lighting

Make sure to have sufficient natural light coming into the workspace.
Sunlight is irreplaceable in the feeling and energy it gives. Use shades to adjust the amount of sun entering where needed.
Artificial lighting should consist of mostly led technology-based light with a warm white color.
Lighting should be practical but also remember to use light to create the atmosphere you desire.

Entrance for software company offices I designed. The sunlight is adjusted by the use of screens.
Entrance for software company offices I designed. The use of screens adjusts the sunlight

4 – Identity and branding

In designing for a company, I always look to bring the essence of the brand.
You want your employees and visitors to feel they have stepped into your unique world, and not just into any other office.
Design can emphasize the goals of a company and create a sense of belonging.

Banana leaf wallpaper and soft couches in fruity colores – offices I designed in Rotterdam for a global fruit juice company.

5 – Different types of working spaces and niches

Goodbye “one desk for one employee” approach.
Create different types of working areas for different needs, tasks, time of the day, and group size.
Even if you have a small office space, you can create some alternative sitting areas to allow non-formal meetings to take place.

Small sitting area for two in offices I designed. Here I took advantage of a large entrance area to create another option for employees to share a moment or to take one for themselves.

6 – Fresh Air

In addition to natural light, fresh air is an asset any employee will benefit from.
If possible, create an outdoor recreation area for lunch breaks or a cup of coffee or even create an outdoor work area. How uplifting it is on a bright day to work in the open air!

Working outdoors can be uplifting

7 – Plants

Integrate plants in the office space, to enrich the air with O2 and bring calmness into the environment. Studies show the good effect plants have on our wellbeing.

A “green wall” in an office space
A “green wall” in “Etsy” offices

8 – Bring some playfulness into the office

Of course, this has to match the company’s atmosphere, but even the most prestigious professionals will enjoy some playfulness.
It can be a pool table, a darts board, or a swing hanging from the ceiling, a fun wallpaper in the restrooms, or a meeting room.
Playfulness is stress-relieving. It brings a smile, a laugh, and it facilitates bonding between employees. All of these contribute to the atmosphere in the office. And this will surely also bring out the best of them.

Etsy offices
Etsy offices

In conclusion – A healthy, well functioning workspace is good for business

As we have seen in this article, many aspects need to be addressed in order to achieve a harmonious well functioning workspace.
I did not go into the architectural and technical aspects of planning offices. but rather the thinking and approach to what you want to consider and achieve.
I hope you found this helpful, please reach out to me if you would like to discuss this further.

Different work areas
Etsy Offices

Would you like me to help you create a happy workspace?

We could:

  • A- Have a one-time consulting meeting to upgrade usability and overall feeling in the office.
  • B- Have a: 4 meetings in 4 weeks “uplift your workspace” procedure.
  • C- Plan a completely new office space for your company, including new office space planning or total refurbishments.

Go ahead,
give me a call or send me an email and we can discuss the possibilities.

All the best,

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