Six elements that will bring comfort to your home

In the past weeks, I have started writing posts about these unusual COVID-19 times. Forcing us to stay at home so much.
I would like to share my knowledge and experience, to help many people improve the quality of their life.
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In this post, I share six simple ideas to easily implement in your home. They will bring you comfort and tranquility and help you in setting the best atmosphere.
(post no.4 in the Corona series)

1 – A hammock

in your garden, porch, or in your home. There is something most relaxing in laying in a hammock and gently swinging. You can also get the “sitting” version that takes up less space.
I actually got my first hammock in Amsterdam. When I was on a trip with my partner many years ago. It was a bleu sitting hammock. We hung it in our living room and spent a lot of time learning for our university exams on it. This was back in the days I studied for my bachelors degree in computer science. and the hammock was the best spot to dose away when needed.

2 – Books

The kind that is printed on paper. Books you can hold in your hands and feel their weight. Travel books, Design books, Romances, Philosophy books. The books you always wanted to read but did not find the time. Books that make you feel on vacation. or that will help you plan your next vacation. Pick a few favorites from your bookshelves and place them on the living room table, next to your bed or next to your hammock.
As we moved a continent a year and a half ago, most of our books were left behind. This allows me to indulge myself with new design and cultural books once in a while to fill up the library.

3 – Plants

Bring in plants that improve the quality of the air in your home. Some of the best ones are – Snake plant, Aloe vera, peace lily, English Ivy, Golden Pothos, Boston Fern.
If you have a garden or a balcony, plant some blooming seasonal plants. I just updated my balcony with yellow Daffodils and those purple small seasonal flowers, (I don’t know how they are called).

4 – Natural items

Seashells, dried flowers, pine cones, and even branches or leaves. Natural elements that remind you of traveling and hiking.
I also like to dry the cup leaves of flowers we buy for our home. Tulips have such beautiful cup leaves. even when they are dry.

5 – Music

Music is a most atmospheric creating element. Fix yourself a set of speakers that will get you into the mode. For private moments, arrange a pair of fabulous headphones. Did you always fancy a vintage record player? You can start your new-old collection by browsing online for favorite oldies.I grew up listening to records, then cassettes, then CD’s… now everything is online and digital. certain songs and albums take me back to specific moments in life. do you have those? It might be interesting to play some nostalgic pieces and see if your kids can relate.

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6 – Scent

Candles, essential oils, dried lavender bags… These can help to set the mood for the after-work hours. They can also accompany you to a workday that will feel as if you are a digital nomad—working from an exotic, remote seaside hut.
For me, Lemongrass smells like a vacation in Thailand. Lavender is always a soothing calming scent. Taking me to endless fields of Lavander in the south of France. Though, I have never actually been there… So it is on my wishlist for when we can travel freely again.

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