My name is Michal Shalgi Hirsch, and I am an interior architect and designer.
I believe that the spaces we live in impact and influence our well-being, health, and happiness. As well as our creativity. Productivity and overall feelings.

I Love to take a space and transform it into a well-planned and beautifully designed exciting space to indulge life in.

It makes me happy to make people happy through my design.
I also love to travel, dance, read, meet with people, and explore.

Since August 2018, I live in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam. With my beloved husband and three girls.

Here is a list I prepared for you of great design stores in Amsterdam (or online) where you can find inspiration and shop for some amazing designed furniture and house decor.
It is also a must-have for anyone who is before or In the midst of a renovation or an interior design project.
Feel free to send it to a friend that can benefit from it.
My list consists of stores in different price ranges. Some of them show and sell the best designs in the world and priced accordingly, some are moderately priced and some are very affordable.
I mostly recommend purchasing from a mixture of stores with some differences in their price ranges. In this way you can have some magnificent pieces, that will catch the eye and can last you a lifetime. And yet save on your expenses in places it will less make a difference.
For instance, if you want to redesign your bedroom, you can choose a basic wardrobe and get more special light fixtures and an amazing bed. Add a simple bed-side nightstand (can also be a shelf or a stool), and go for an amazing drawers unit!
In the end, the combination of all things, along with the decore will make the total look.

Where to get inspired and go shopping for furniture and home decor in Amsterdam:


Here you come for inspiration, and also for a light meal or coffee in a magically designed cafe.  

Droog is a conceptual design company. They focus on matters that affect society and its people. The process is key. Their work is anti-disciplinary. And the outcome can be anything that contributes to society.

The frozen fountain

A fabulous mainly Dutch design store.
Here you can find everything you need and desire for furnishing and decor.
The frozen sells products from iconic Dutch designers, such as Piet Hein Eek. Some younger stars such as Dirk van der Kooij with his 3D colorful recycled furniture and from many more talented creators. including giving a stage for young ones, just out of design school.


This contemporary brand, led by Marcel Wanders (The naughty boy of Dutch design) has an 850-m2 space in the Westerhuis.
Offering a gigantic area in which to showcase their wares from top designers.
Mooi states that their mission is: “To create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true”.


Modern furniture from the top brands and leading designers. along with 20 century well known classics such as Eames, Carl Hansen and many more. Located in the beautiful Utrechtsestraat. You can probably order any modern piece of furniture via this store. Lookout, you will love it all!


The Danish design brand HAY is primarily inspired by Danish furniture from the fifties and sixties. In cooperation with renowned and new talented designers, HAY offers a collection based on sustainability and high quality

Colorful chairs and vases at HAY


Founded in Denmark, this brand with a few stores in Amsterdam, the Hague and Utrecht, brings a new interpretation to Scandinavian design. Furniture and accessories, a wide variety in a medium price range.

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The store at Utrechtsestraat
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Wulf Wonen

A family business of some generations. Wulf brings contemporary furniture from various brands in a medium price range.

Couches and side table from “Wulf” in offices I designed in Rotterdam. Shelf unit from “”.

Good design for affordable prices. Made has pieces in different styles. Mostly modern and young. 

Dot shop

Another good option for well-designed furniture in a mid-range budget.

Loods 5

The physical store is a packed place filled with furniture arranged by brands.
I find it a bit too packed and not so friendly. But the online store is easy to search. You will find here various brands in different price ranges.

I loved this light blue “Panton” chair and metal shelves in a matching tone I spotted in the store.

Here are some small and special niche  stores:


Restored is centered around the idea that simplicity brings calm and beauty and restores the balance in life.

They work with small labels and independent designers and bring a very Scandinavian/ Japanese design approach.  

Kilo Amsterdam

Cool furniture pieces created from high quality birch plywood.
Founded in 2013 KILO was born out of a desire to create a new generation of heirlooms. An alternative to today’s throwaway, mass-produced furniture, as well as to the overly designed and overpriced brands.

KILO uses a single material and one tool. 

They combine the latest technology with timeless craftsmanship. Using state of the art CNC-machinery that enables them to produce each part to exact measurements while they sand and oil the parts by hand to obtain a premium finish.

De Weldaad

A beautifully picked collection of antiques, vintage furniture, and various home and lifestyle accessories. Many items are specially manufactured for the store and brought from the far east.

This is not Dutch design but design brought to the Dutch (and to all expats and tourists that live in or visit Amsterdam).

360 Volt

Looking for something else?

The biggest collection of vintage industrial lighting. Weekly updated with new models. Specialized in a factory, industrial enamel lamps, and special light objects.


These are a few of the stores I like to shop at with my clients, but there are more 🙂 And since I know many of the store’s owners and sellers, my clients receive  VIP service!
I will be happy to meet for a coffee and see how I can best be at your service.

We could:

  • Have a one-time counseling meeting to upgrade your home or workspace (see more details here).
  • Go on a fast shopping round to upgrade any interior.
  • Plan a full hand in hand new interior design for your home or business.
  • Discuss A full refurbishment project for your home/business.

Please contact me by phone or email.

All the best,


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