Interior design for COVID-19 days.

Welcome to the second post in the Corona series-
children’s bedrooms (1).

I have a lot to say about planning and designing children’s bedrooms.
Now that our children are at home so much. It can be pleasant to sit together and give attention to their own space.
If they share a room with their sibling, it is still essential to create a private space for each one of them. I will address this issue in one of my next posts.

Lots of different activities take place in a child’s bedroom. So to plan it well, we need to take into consideration many parameters.

If you have read my first post in this series, (how to create a relaxed atmosphere in your home) you will understand why I suggest first to arrange the room.

Going through all the belongings and putting away all those your child no longer needs or wants.
One of the things Corona teaches us, in my opinion, is that we don’t need so much stuff. So this is an opportunity to pass over some of the toys and equipment to other children.

Now let’s talk about design:
Kids grow up so fast!
A bedroom that suits them today in means of function and style will not satisfy them in two or three years.

So how can we plan a child’s room so that we do not have to change it over and over completely? And so we do not spend a small fortune on doing so?

Here is what I suggest:
Choose the significant elements to be “age-neutral” as possible.
A white/ offwhite wardrobe will suit every age.
A good, well-chosen wardrobe can last a child from birth to adolescence and beyond.
For the same reason, I prefer the bed to be in a neutral color as well – white/ offwhite or in natural wood.

To style the bedroom, we will use small furniture and accessories. These will add color, texture, and patterns.
A lampshade, curtains, a carpet, pillows, a nightstand.
All which can be changed during the coming years, without having to spend a tremendous amount.
It is also easy to change the color of one or a few walls.
Or to cover a wall with wallpaper to change the style of the room.

I attached three pictures:
In the first one, a young girl’s room.
The wall behind the bed has a light purple color.
The pictures and decorations are colorful, and hand made.
The bed is the kind that can be extended to grow with the child. up to a normal-sized bed. (I think these beds are a cleaver option).

In the second picture, you see a white, wall-to-wall wardrobe I designed.

In the third picture, you see the same room after a few years when this girl turned into a teen.
We chose a new 120 cm wide bed. Painted the purple wall in grey and replaced the childish decorations.
The color scheme and style chosen for the bed cover, pillows, and pictures are more mature.
The wardrobe still fits perfectly.

I will be posting soon more ideas about arranging and designing children’s rooms. 

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