How to create a relaxed atmosphere in your home

Welcome to the first post in the Corona series!
My first tip is to help you create a relaxed atmosphere in your home.
I’m sure making your living space more harmonious and relaxing will be appreciated by you and your family these days.

This is a three-parts tip:

A – Get rid of what you don’t need.

The first part is quite simple and obvious. But it is usually approached with a mixture of acceptance and resistance.
– Get rid of what you don’t need.
Clear your living space of everything that is no longer needed, and that no longer serves you. Isn’t that easy?

B – Allocate a dedicated place for all the belongings that need to be put somewhere

The second step in the “Creating a relaxing living space” tip is:
Allocate a dedicated place for all the belongings that need to be put somewhere. Such as Keys, mail, bags, coats, children’s games, books, albums, binders, etc.
Anything that will not have a dedicated spot to be put away at, will find itself a different, less aesthetic place to hang out.
It means you want to allocate designated places for all these belongings.

For example – when you return home, where will you put your bag, coat, keys, shoes?
Can you perhaps find a dresser that will fit as a place for the family’s bags? A large basket can also do the job for the bags or shoes. Jackets can be hung on a free-standing hanger or a wall hanger.
Keys can be put in a beautiful bowl at the entrance, on the dresser, or in a dedicated drawer.

Some of these storage solutions you will be able to find at home. Others can be purchased at modest prices in a local store or can be ordered online.

C – “Visually Quiet Down” the room

Another factor in creating a relaxed atmosphere is to “visually quiet down” the room. We achieve this by closing behind doors anything that we don’t intentionally want to display.

There is no pleasure in seeing all the binders, the printer, the bicycle helmets, the shoes …
Choose units that allow you to put the mess in a drawer or behind a door and then close it.
For the same reason, the children’s games you chose to have in the living room, should have their chest or basket or drawers unit. So at the end of the day, you can throw them in there quickly and hide them away.

I attached three pictures—two of them from before the redesign of this house of clients of mine. One picture is from after the design process. For this home entrance, I designed carpentry storage units. These units incorporate closed and open parts.

You can see how peaceful the place is after arranging for all things a suitable location.

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