Benelux Office Complex – Amsterdam

Featured in the esteemed “Office Snapshots” magazine, the Benelux Office Complex in Amsterdam, designed by M Shalgi Design for Wesco, is an innovative office space set within a working warehouse. The 6,458 sqft (600 m²) office focuses on employee well-being, incorporating open spaces, natural light, eco-friendly materials, and local art.

First Impressions and Lounge Area

Visitors are greeted by a welcoming lounge area with low L-shaped sofas and an open view of the kitchen and dining area, extending to an expansive terrace. A significant piece of wall art, commissioned specifically for this project, adds a unique touch. The office also features two 200 m² workspaces with sit-stand desks, ergonomic chairs, and conference rooms enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glass walls, allowing ample natural light.

Design Philosophy and Sustainability

The design emphasizes employee well-being, with large live plants enhancing air quality and a calming atmosphere. Acoustic management is achieved through soft materials, and various spaces cater to different privacy needs. Sustainability is a key focus, with eco-friendly materials and furniture sourced from sustainable vendors. Local art, created in real-time within the office, adds a cultural connection and inspiration to the dynamic environment. This approach reflects the modern office layout and innovative office spaces that define M Shalgi Design‘s commitment to interior design excellence.

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