Waterside Elegance – Amsterdam

Pictures by: Flare Department

A stunning 140 m² apartment in Amsterdam. Located in a modern building overlooking a beautiful canal, this residence underwent a complete transformation to meet the luxurious and contemporary desires of my clients.

Master Bedroom: The first highlight of this project is the luxurious master bedroom, designed to feel like a high-end hotel suite. It boasts breathtaking water views, a separate closet area, and an ensuite shower room, providing both comfort and elegance. Additionally, hidden behind the bespoke wooden closet, we discreetly installed a hidden air conditioning unit. The closet has built-in air outlets, to ensure comfort without compromising on style.

Kitchen and Dining: The second highlight of the apartment is the open kitchen, crafted to fulfill the clients’ wish for a sophisticated and functional space. The new layout features a large kitchen island facing the dining table and a scenic canal view. This kitchen offers ample storage and a bar area that seamlessly serves both the dining table and the adjacent terrace. The steel countertop adds a robust and stylish touch, perfectly complementing the black and walnut kitchen facades.

Other areas:

A playful wallpaper greets you at the entrance and is visible from the living & dining area at the far end of the corridor, setting a lively tone.

We added a second shower room, enhancing the apartment’s functionality and convenience.

A spacious utility closet opens to the corridor but is cleverly concealed behind flush-to-the-wall doors that match the wall color, making it almost unnoticeable. This closet discreetly hides the washing machine, dryer, and cleaning supplies.

The long corridor features a custom-designed, low, and long shelving unit in bold rusty red, adding a striking focal point.

The Living room, located on the other side of the kitchen island, features an acoustic audio-video system, and a bespoke black shelving unit in a niche. 

The apartment includes two additional rooms—a home office and a guest room. The corridor and doors to these rooms are cleverly hidden behind the living room wall for a seamless look.

Lighting: The entire apartment’s electricity and lighting systems were revamped to exude luxury. Ceiling spots and hidden railing systems provide subtle illumination throughout. A globe wall light fixture by Flos adorns the entrance hall mirror, while two pendant lamps illuminate the dining table. The master bedroom is enhanced with chic ceiling-hung reading lights.

Flooring: Opting for a hard floor instead of wood, we selected extra-large floor tiles by Cosentino to enhance the contemporary design. Additionally, we installed floor heating under the entire apartment’s flooring to ensure comfort and warmth.

Design Aesthetic: The overall design is contemporary and clean, with a focus on maximizing storage space. Despite the minimalistic lines, the warm tones and carefully chosen materials create a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

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