Full Architectural Renovation

A completely renovated villa, a step away from the sea

Our architectural design included changes in different areas, Including: 

  • Opening the kitchen area into the public space and planning a whole new bigger kitchen. 
  • Designing new bathrooms in different locations.
  • Building a master suite on the roof level where there was a semi-open study. 
  • Creating a new separate unit on the lower level. 

All the electrical and plumbing systems, doors, windows and flooring were replaced. The structure itself underwent massive renovation

Despite the huge reconstruction of the house, we were careful to preserve its basic character and some important architectural elements of the house, such as the wooden staircase, the bare wooden ceiling and the natural stone fireplace that rises from the ground floor to the attic. 

Pictures by: Tammy Sgan-Cohen

This is how it looked before the renovation

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