Luxury apartment Den Bosch

Pictures by: Sal Marston

Experience the complete renovation of a 130 m2 apartment in Den-Bosch.

Through carefully curated adjustments to the walls, including opening some and altering the layout, we’ve fundamentally redefined the spatial layout of the apartment without the need to demolish all interior walls.

Our objective was to curate a contemporary, functional space tailored to the specific lifestyle of the new homeowner, a single man in his early 40s The apartment’s irregular floor plan with a sharp angle posed a challenge, which we addressed by embracing its unique layout and creating a 3.7 meters long kitchen island that followed the sharp angle of the back wall.

Our focus was on maximizing the living-dining-work space while ensuring a degree of separation for the home office. To achieve this, we opened the home office to the living room and installed two floor-to-ceiling sliding doors behind the TV wall. These doors can be closed to provide privacy when necessary.

In the shower room, Stucco was used instead of tiles, while the entire apartment floor features a bespoke Pu finish.

Much of the furniture comes from small local brands and suppliers. Additional elements in the apartment include frameless flush-to-the-wall doors, a custom-built plant aquarium, a vibrant color scheme, and numerous plants, which were specifically requested by the homeowner.


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