Luxury Penthouse

This penthouse was renovated to suit the wishes of a couple in their 60s, who left a large family house they used to live in for many years.

It was important for us to maintain the nature of these people . To create a modern, comfortable new home for them, with a few elements they wanted to bring with them from their previous home. To start a new present, and yet  connect to their past.

The penthouse undertook a few structural changes to add comfort and to fit their needs. Two studies, a guest room with an attached shower room and a master bedroom with a walk-in closet.

The kitchen was enlarged  with lots of storage place and a large adjacent dining table. The table can be opened to host many guests or a large family.

As the penthouse is the only apartment on the top floor, we treated the hallway in front of the elevator as part of the apartment, creating a warm welcome as you step out of the elevator.

The greenhouse on the roof was transformed into a private gym, with a television screen and an audio system inserted into the ceiling.

Many carpentry furniture was especially designed and made for this penthouse, such as the large commode in the living room, with a sliding door and the audio system integrated into its design. The office shelf unit was built on an entire wall as well as a modern/vintage showcase in the dining area.

Pictures by: Raz Rogovsky

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