North Tel-Aviv apartment

This North Tel-Aviv apartment was planned to fit the family's needs before it was built.

The original architectural plan was changed and all technical working plans were accommodated to the new layout and specific personal client’s desires. 

The public space is totally open, and it contained a large living space, a home office, a dining area, a large kitchen and a fun-creative area for the two girls. 

We considered the terrace as an integrated part of the living space. To emphasize this, we planned a sofa that went all along the back wall of the living area and continued out to the terrace. 

Special furniture was designed for the apartment, such as: 

  • A free-standing TV unit. On the back there is a shelf unit which faces the dining table. 
  • A home office storage/shelf unit. 
  • A magical wardrobe with a kid’s size door connecting the rooms. 
  • An open, fun storage/sink cabinet for the girls washroom. 
  • A large sofa with plentiful storage place. 

 The open kitchen has a playful design with a bold yellow cupboard and a lot of storage spaces. 

The colors and accessories together with the open and lay back, yet elegant design, make the apartment look like a boutique hotel. 

Pictures by: Tammy Sgan-Cohen

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