• 1996-1998: Architecture studies at Tel Aviv University
  • 1998-2001 BA in Computer Science cum laude (with honors).
  • 2008: Graduated with honors from the Berezin-Shoham Studio for Interior Design.

In 2008 I started my own Interior design and Architecture practice. I plan and design houses, apartments, offices, public and commercial spaces. I have worked with clients and on projects in the US, Europe and Israel.

I believe that the spaces we live in impact and influence our well-being, health and happiness. As well as our creativity. Productivity and overall feelings.

I Love to take a space and transform it into a well-planned and beautifully designed exciting space to indulge life in.

It makes me happy to make people happy through my design.
I also love to travel, dance, read, meet people and explore.

Since August 2018 I live in the heart of beautiful Amsterdam. With my beloved husband and three girls.


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