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Here are some pictures from the work process.

Making a home is about creating a holistic space for the people who will be living in it.

Making a home is about creating a holistic space for the people who will be living in it.
No one design will fit all occupants.
A well planned and designed apartment will serve well its habitants. But a home tailored to your personal needs, desires and dreams. Is so much more.
It is like buying nice clothes from a shop compared to having your dream outfit tailored for you by a professional.

One thing that the homeowner of this apartment wanted. Was a full-size pampering shower-room.
To accomplish this. We combined the tiny restroom + tiny shower-room+washing machine closet into one big space.
There were many restrictions on plumbing location. Plus a ventilation shaft that went through the middle of this space.
I chose to move the laundry to the study room. This freed up much space and allowed us to create the full-sized shower-room of his dreams.

Another important aspect for my client. Was to have sufficient storage space.
For this reason, I designed two large built-in closets. Tailored to details and ordered from a carpenter.
In the bedroom, we chose a bed with full storage space underneath.
And in the living-room. We integrated into the design a large shelving unit and a closed cabinet for audio-video equipment.

We wanted to creates a relaxed and fun atmosphere. But yet tidy with a clean look-and-feel.
The overall design is modern, with a clean look.
Sophisticated use of colour makes the added touch. Such as the bold red colour for the large closets. Which adds playfulness and sensuality.

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