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Benelux Headquarters Office Complex

Overview of the Office Complex

The 600 m² office complex is situated within the working warehouse of a global data center solutions provider. Accessed through the warehouse itself, you ascend an open staircase to reach a 200 m² open “floating” platform, which houses a recreation area for employees and office visitors.

First Impressions and Lounge Area

Upon arrival, you encounter a welcoming lounge area with two low L-shaped sofas, and you have an unobstructed view of the open kitchen and dining area, as well as the expansive terrace beyond. Adjacent to the lounge area is a notable piece of wall art, commissioned specifically for this project and created in real-time within the office.

Office Spaces and Conference Rooms

From the lounge area, you can access two office spaces, each measuring 200 m². These spaces feature open workspaces with sit-stand desks and ergonomic chairs, as well as two enclosed conference rooms. The conference rooms are framed by floor-to-ceiling glass walls, creating an open ambiance and allowing natural sunlight to permeate the spaces.

Kitchen and Casual Dining Areas

The bespoke open kitchen features a large oval island, perfect for preparing lunch or enjoying a meal at the counter. Round coffee tables with chairs provide areas to relax with colleagues, and a window bar runs alongside the terrace-facing window. These diverse seating arrangements cater to a range of needs, from solo coffee breaks to larger group gatherings around the kitchen island. The varying heights of seating areas add visual interest and a dynamic quality to the space.

Design Philosophy and Employee Well-being

Several key elements guided my design approach for this project, with a focus on the well-being of employees and visitors. The integration of large, live plants enhances air quality and fosters a calming atmosphere. Natural light permeates every area, thanks to the glass walls that separate the spaces. Exposure to sunlight provides significant benefits to the body and mind.

Acoustic Management and Privacy

Acoustics are managed with soft materials and sound-absorbing elements to create a comfortable auditory environment. Privacy is ensured through various spaces designed to meet different needs, including small and large conference rooms and a variety of seating options in the recreational area.

Sustainability Focus

Sustainability was a major consideration in my design choices, with an emphasis on using eco-friendly materials, furniture, and vendors. All furniture was sourced from companies committed to sustainability, and I selected recycled fabrics for the sofas and conference chairs. The unupholstered conference chairs and dining chairs are made from recycled materials, while the acoustic wall elements consist of recycled PET. To further support sustainability, I retained the existing light gray carpet in one area and introduced new carpet in another that meets the highest environmental standards.

Incorporating Local Art and Culture

Incorporating original art from a local artist into the office space was another key aspect of the design, reflecting our commitment to creativity and community connection. The commissioned artwork was created live within the office, infusing the space with inspiration and linking it to the vibrant local culture. Through the collaboration with the Straat Museum, I was introduced to Steven (@Dilk), whose outstanding piece now graces the office, offering a touch of artistic brilliance that complements the modern, dynamic environment.

Unified Design Concept

The design concept aimed to create a contemporary interior with a dynamic sense, balancing elegance and global appeal. This vision unites all elements of the space, resulting in a sophisticated office complex that meets the needs of a global company while providing a welcoming and engaging environment for employees and visitors alike.

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